On-screen Advertising

Why choose Cinema Advertising?

Cinema audiences have what you want: discretionary income and the extra time to relax & & enjoy a movie! No one has to go to the movies. Our audiences want to be there. They are in a good mood, open & receptive to your message.

In contrast to almost all other forms of advertising, on-screen movie theater advertising provides you with a captive audience. Patrons welcome your advertisement because it provides something interesting upon which to focus.

Movie studios have already paid millions of dollars to get your customers in those seats - take advantage of it! Motion picture screen advertising has one of the highest recall factors of any venue & that’s priceless visibility for your business.

Spending your advertising dollars with the Noyo Theatre keeps movie goers close to home & what you have to offer. Movie patrons are primarily local residents, and repeat visitors - 80% of moviegoers attend more than 5 movies each year. It’s free & easy to change your message. If you want to advertise a limited time promotion, change your graphics or change your message it can be done quickly. Monthly changes are welcome. More frequent changes can be discussed.

We sell approximately 45,000 tickets a year! That equates to a lot of eyes on your ad.

How Does this Work?

We advertise 10min before the first movie & 10min in between movies. We play the local ads at their highest visibility just before the trailers start. Your ad will play at least twice within a slideshow presentation. New content can be inserted on a Friday.

In between ads there are pleasant local scenes showing the beautiful area that we live in, works from our local artists, town sponsored activities & places of interest that are uniquely Willits. Local musicians provide background music to enhance the experience. You pick the program that fits your budget & begin the design process.

Can I Show a Video?

Yes! It's a little more difficult, requires some format changes & editing but we have shown 10sec & 30sec video ads & they look great. One was converted from a phone video. Contact us on the cost of showing video ads.

Is this a Difficult Process?

NO! NO! NO! NO! If you feel tech savvy we can walk you through designing & creating your ad. We are NOT part of an out-of-town ad agency. We own the theater & live in Willits so you will be dealing with someone who is committed to your success.

We can design an ad for you or we can recommend a local artist to help you. Simply gather your logo, images, and/or pictures of your storefront/products/yourselves & we can turn them into a full scale, full color digital advertisement.

You Can Afford This!

We are independent, locally owned & operated. We are NOT part of a theater chain. We do NOT have the bulky & expensive infrastructure of the chain theaters. We can charge much less than the competition. Plus, your advertising dollars stay in the community & come back to you with interest.

You don’t have to pay for a long contract. If you have a limited budget, this is the best bang for your limited bucks. Or you can pay monthly & advertize during your peak season.

A Word from the Owners

We have a loyal audience that comes to our theatre. They frequently know each other. They come early & socialize or talk to us about the movies they love. Our vision is to provide an onscreen local ad/entertainment segment that sparks conversation & amusement before our films. We want this to be a uniquely Willits experience in the music, photography, arts, & events along with our valued merchant advertising. With your participation we think that we can help support a healthy downtown Willits crowd.

Technically Speaking…

We can display digital slides of the following format: 1940x800x150pixels/inch TIFF file RGB color 8 bits/channel

Design Notes

1. Do not assume that you can simply scan & display your poster. A poster will not fit the resolution of our screen. There is almost always too much information on it for a 10sec ad. If you have one we can display your poster on our community board outside the theater.

2. Resize & constrain proportions of photographs. Set height to 800pixels at 150pixels/inch. You will likely have a lot of horizontal space left to fill.

3. Photoshop or any graphics program that does layers & saves in TIFF is perfect. Layers are not necessary but will be very helpful if you want to modify your design. For example, a text layer would allow you to change your message without changing the background.

4. I have had people email me jpegs which is ok. However, small files will look pixelated. It seems like 1mb is a reasonably sized file.


$1000 for 12 months paid in advance (Best Value).

$500 for 6 months paid in advance.

$100 for 1 month paid in advance.

Checks should be made payable to Noyo Theatre. For your convenience we also accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express at the Box Office only.

Service includes the following free of charge: Monthly changes to your slides by your request.

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